Holistic Nutrition

A key to understanding a holistic nutrition and lifestyle is the function of our subtle energy fields.
Nutrition is not an isolated area of life – nutrition is rather one of many areas through which we absorb energy.
According to Paavo Airola, the essential factors for a healthy and long life are a natural, fresh, mature and simple diet with few calories, little fat and little protein from vegetable food in addition to systematically eating too little, physical exercise and fresh air, a satisfied relaxed and loving atmosphere plus a positive state of mind and inner peace.


Meditation is derived from the Latin word meditatio, which means “to align with the center”. Through exercises of mindfulness or concentration, a change in the state of consciousness is aimed for. In Asian cultures this change of consciousness is of central importance. A feeling of becoming one, a reduced perception of external events, the immersion in mind, body or soul are the goal of every meditation.


Yoga is a traditional, theoretical and practical philosophy system that was developed in India thousands of years ago based on direct experience. These experiences were summarized by the wise man Patanjali in his famous work “Yoga-Sutra” under the form of aphorisms and concise statements and thus have been passed on until today.

Contacts with the Hereafter

“Death has no meaning, I just went next door and one day we’ll meet again…”

An afterlife contact helps in the process of grief when clients have lost a loved one. Sometimes questions remain unanswered, a farewell was not possible or clients want to know if the person is doing well in the spirit world. Here a contact with the other world can be helpful and healing, not only for the bereaved but also for the people in the spirit world.

Spiritual Healing

It is sometimes not easy to understand that for some people severe health problems, often lasting for years, can be alleviated or even disappear after just a few treatments through the laying on hands healing (energetic or spiritual healing).
Spiritual healing activates the powers of self-healing, promotes healing in a holistic sense, encourages and supports people in the perception of their own responsibility.