Harmonization of the Chakras

The Crystal and Coloured Light Treatment consists of combining the healing effects of crystals, colours and light and using them for the energetic harmonisation of the human being.

Seven completely pure mountain crystals, cut by hand, produce the specific vibrations corresponding to the seven energy centres of the human being (chakras).


Physical as well as Psychological Relaxation

Through each of the crystals a pulsating coloured light is being conducted, which corresponds to the respective chakra. The coloured light impulses clean and activate the energy centres, deeply relax the person on a physical and psychological level, release blockages in the body and revitalise it.

During a 20-30 minute session, the participant lies relaxed on a massage bed and allows the those lights of the crystals to work on him. The effects can unfold best if the clothing worn is light or white.


Sound Bath

Hearing and Feeling Sound – When working with a body as an instrument, sound is not only being heard but also felt. The vibration is perceptible throughout the body. Harmonious vibrations fill all cells and tissue structures, skin and bones with subtle matter. The human being himself becomes a part of the sound body.