Contact to the Spirit World

“Death has no meaning, I just went next door and one day we’ll meet again…”

An afterlife contact helps in the process of grief when clients have lost a loved one. Sometimes questions remain unanswered, a farewell was not possible or clients want to know if the person is doing well in the spirit world. Here a contact with the other world can be helpful and healing, not only for the bereaved but also for the people in the spirit world.

In a mediumistic sitting the medium establishes a link with the spiritual world. I apply my abilities according to the teachings of English spiritualism.
The medium describes life situation, character, cause of death, living environment of the deceased, message or other things that the deceased can convey to him or her through feelings, pictures or words. Evidence and details play an important role in this.

Does that disturb the peace of the dead?

Contrary to suspicion, the medium does not seek the deceased person in the hereafter, but only makes itself available as a channel. Thus it is up to the deceased person to decide whether he or she wishes, considers it necessary or not to have contact.
Thus, it can never be guaranteed one hundred percent that contact with the desired deceased person will be established. In such a case, however, other deceased persons often show up who would like to make contact with the person.

What awaits the client in an afterlife contact is as individual as we humans are. Sometimes the deceased person appears very detailed, e.g. personal details, characteristics and character can be described very well. Sometimes the contact is less strong and only little information is passed through the medium. Each contact can be very different.

The Medium is not a fortune-teller and the deceased are not oracles either.

Therefore, please come to a sitting as relaxed, open and expectation-free as possible. We cannot force the spirit world to give us certain information and advice. Deceased people often tell us what we should hear, and sometimes not what we want to hear.

Legal information on the subject of energy transmission/distance healing