In Harmony with Living Space

Many disharmonies and also diseases in the living or working environment are triggered by unfavourable energetic conditions. Clients often report that they do not feel comfortable in certain places or have problems sleeping. A living space harmonization can lead to a significant improvement in general well-being and health.


Geomantic investigation and consultation

From time immemorial it has always been important for people to live in places and buildings that are perceived as positive and harmonious. We know from many ancient cultures that people had a natural sense of energy flows and centres in the landscape. Quite deliberately, these places were chosen and designed, for example as holy places, places of worship, meeting places and places of residence. At a very early stage, mankind has been dealing with the special energy fields of the earth and thus has gained a lot of knowledge about the connections with regard to earth energies, plants, animals and humans. Many artistic methods were developed to live in harmony with the earth and the personal living space.

Protection against Electrosmog, Earth radiation, Water veins

Our earth is characterized by very different energy fields. Naturally, there is a balanced relationship between “positive and negative” forces. However, due to our modern construction and technology, we often disregard and disturb the natural energy flows to an alarming degree.

The geomantic investigation provides information about energetic structures such as interference zones, electrosmog, water veins or even positive force fields. With the help of energies directed through me and the means of geomancy the disturbed negative earth energies (such as left-turning water veins, disturbing earth meridians and grids) can be brought back into a harmonious balance. For this purpose I work with my own sensitive energy perception and, in addition, receive mediumistic information. In order to make these perceptions comprehensible to people, I use radiesthetic devices (e.g. rods, Lecher antenna or pendulum).

A positive, balanced energy situation always has a beneficial and energizing effect on people and animals.

Beratung und Coaching Andreas Wegener

Consulting & Coaching

You are the centre of my consultation – with your own wishes, your own needs and your own goals. Every person has the ability to be independent, reflective, communicative and rational. The goal of my consulting is to find ways and individual possibilities in a trusting and confidential conversation to overcome current life problems and to support you in meeting and mastering new challenges.