I am legally obliged to inform my patients that spiritual healing does not replace the diagnosis and treatment of doctors and alternative practitioners.
In a unanimous resolution of March 2, 2004 (1 BVR 784/03), the Federal Constitutional Court clarified that a healing activity that is “limited to the activation of the self-healing powers of its patients through the laying on of hands” or that is “carried out in a uniform manner through the laying on of hands, regardless of any possible diagnosis” does not require a permit within the meaning of the Heilpraktikergesetz (German law on alternative practitioners).

Legal information on the German Drug Advertising Act

In addition, I would like to point out that by law on advertising in the field of medicine (Heilmittelwerbegesetz) in the version of the announcement of 19 October 1994 (BGBI. I p. 3068), last amended by Art. 2 G v. 26.4.2006, in force since 6.8.2004, distant healing may not be advertised.
This states in § 9: “Advertising for the recognition or treatment of diseases, ailments, physical damage or pathological complaints that are not based on the patient’s own perception of the person or animal to be treated (distant healing) is not permitted. Anyone who deliberately or negligently advertises for distant healing is acting in breach of the regulations under § 12 of the same law.