Andreas Wegener

Born in 1962 under the zodiac sign of Gemini, I only came to spiritual healing via detours.

Already in my childhood I had signs of healing ability as well as clearly foreseeing situations. I clearly foresaw situations and events. However, it was only later that I discovered my abilities as a Medium and Healer.

First I started my career in a tax and business consulting company. Later I founded an internationally successful IT company. For this, my inner voice, my sensitivity and my good knowledge of human nature were very helpful to me.

Over the years I began to actively develop and expand my healing and mediumistic abilities.
My healing success and the positive reactions of my clients motivated me to dedicate my life exclusively to healing.

Being a healer is neither a predicate nor does it elevate us above other people. On the contrary: In my opinion it has something to do with personal responsibility – responsibility towards God and responsibility towards my clients.

Again and again I am asked: How do you know all this? Where did you learn all this? Which seminars and trainings did you attend, where and for how long?

My abilities or skills are gifts given to me by spirit without my doing (except for the trials in my daily life) and were constantly refined and expanded. They are not my powers. I am exclusively a channel for the energies from the spiritual world. Therefore, in case of relief or healing, do not thank me, but thank God. And if this is too religious for you, then thank the source of the energy for what has happened to you.

The preservation, promotion and recovery of one’s own health in the social, mental, psychic and spiritual sense is the highest goal of my therapeutic work. Knowledge and experiences gained from depth psychology (Freud, C.G. Jung), trauma therapy as well as classical transactional analysis are integrated in my work together with my knowledge of relaxation techniques, yoga, meditation and music therapy.

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