Dealing with Farewell and Grief

Living on without the loved one?

Grief for a Loved Ones, Animals or for a Loss.

Farewell to the Child, Situations or Dreams.


Grief changes everything.

It influences our thoughts, our feelings, our physical well-being.

But grief can also give us strength, allows us to experience new things and challenges us to shape the future.

Grief is connected with feelings such as anger, despair, fear, hatred, insecurity, deep pain, guilt and failure.

Separation and also grief are not welcome in our environment.

Sayings like “Pull yourself together” or “Life must go on” hardly allow a culture of farewell and grief in our society.

Parting and grief are strong emotions. We need the farewell as well as the grief and have a right to take the time for it. If we do not acknowledge the grief, it will accompany us like a shadow. It will bind and hinder us.

Every loss is a transition: A transformation, a transition into something new. I see myself in this process for all involved as their companion and mediator. I help to overcome and deal with pain, fears and grief.

I show medical carers and relatives ways to regain inner peace. I support you in rediscovering your centre and joy of life, in freeing yourself from rigidity, opening up to new things and taking an active part in life again, full of trust, ease and confidence.


Contacts with the Hereafter

“Death has no meaning, I just went next door and one day we’ll meet again…”

An afterlife contact helps in the process of grief when clients have lost a loved one. Sometimes questions remain unanswered, a farewell was not possible or clients want to know if the person is doing well in the spirit world. Here a contact with the other world can be helpful and healing, not only for the bereaved but also for the people in the spirit world.