Healthy throughout Life

A key to understanding a holistic nutrition and lifestyle is the function of our subtle energy fields.

Nutrition is not an isolated area of life – nutrition is rather one of many areas through which we absorb energy.

According to Paavo Airola, the essential factors for a healthy and long life are a natural, fresh, mature and simple diet with few calories, little fat and little protein from vegetable food in addition to systematically eating too little, physical exercise and fresh air, a satisfied relaxed and loving atmosphere plus a positive state of mind and inner peace.

The disease and aging process of every human being corresponds to a reduced energy intake in our energy field, which organizes and controls the functions of our body. If we eat irradiated food whose energy fields have been destroyed, if we eat processed food containing antibiotics and pesticides, if we smoke, drink, take drugs and generally lead an inharmonious life at work, in the family and personally, we accelerate our aging process, reduce our health and the functioning of our energy fields.

By not following the universal laws of nature, we significantly reduce our health and life expectancy.

We could theoretically lead a life that is an approximation to relative immortality. A life of healthy longevity is a practical reality. Ancient people, such as the Essenes, studied the laws of nature and lived in harmony with them, and it is said that they too usually lived to be over 120 years old.


Spirituality and raw delicious living food

Spirituality has more to do with raw, delicious living food than is generally assumed. Raw, unadulterated food not only heals our body, it also heals our soul and clears our mind. The vibrations of the original, unadulterated food bring us into contact with our own original, unadulterated soul, body and mind vibrations.
In the raw food literature there are already some works that point to the connection between living food and spiritual being. Among others, David Wolfe shows different levels of vibration in his book “The Sun Diet”.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, general practitioner, psychiatrist and family therapist, also deals with this topic and has already dedicated his whole life to this area. He runs the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia-Arizona ( and uses raw vegan nutrition, naturopathy, the Essen teachings, homeopathy, acupuncture, Reiki and spiritual awareness to heal body, mind and spirit.


Why raw food?

Eating raw food not only improves vitality and well-being, it also helps to maintain and improve health.

Many diseases of civilization are caused by the consumption of denatured, overcooked and heavily processed foods. During these processing procedures, vital nutrients and vital substances are lost. The more natural the food is, the more vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are preserved. If the food lacks these vital substances, this leads to deficiency symptoms, premature ageing, weakening of the immune system, overweight and many other discomforts which can be summarised under the term civilisation diseases.

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