Andreas Wegener

Medium and Healer

As a Medium and Healer I guide people in a clear and loving way. I help them to cope with and overcome mental, spiritual and emotional problems. Their own self-healing and the healing process can begin.

Every Entity is Part of a Greater Whole.

To stay healthy or to regain health means to get involved with the big picture as well as nature in order to allow the healing process powers to start working in us. With my work I serve this natural process of healing.

Recognizing the Causes of Illness

Illness, from a healing perspective, represents in the broadest sense a blocked energy system. The work of a healer is based on the conviction that the roots of all physical “illnesses” lie in emotional stress, karmic burdens and the misuse of energies. If the flow of life energy is disturbed, this blockage can have physical as well as psychological effects.
We humans are used to think that these external symptoms are the symptoms of the illness as described in classical orthodox medicine. Thanks to many advances in medicine our doctors have been very successful in the technical recording, measurement and treatment of those clinical pictures.

A Healer works on the Causes of the Illness and its Remedy.

For a Healer, the primary concern is the human being as an individual, the causes of the illness and how to eliminate same. Both approaches, the medical and the energetic one complete each other well together.
My healing successes in cooperation with orthodox medicine, particularly and especially with chronically ill people who had reached the end of their options were documented and described by same.
Meanwhile I treat people from all over the world, who come to me with different complaints or needs, either personally or “online”.
Individual or group sessions are possible in German and English.

Please feel free to contact me.

*Legal information on the subject of energy transmission/distance healing


My offers are deliberately not only aimed at people with illnesses or problems of any kind.
I also support you to gain and maintain good health and well-being.

About me

Andreas Wegener Heiler

Being a healer is neither a predicate nor does it elevate us above other people. On the contrary: In my opinion it has something to do with personal responsibility – responsibility towards God and responsibility towards my clients.