People are often confronted with situations in which they are unable to make progress with current psychological and medical knowledge. The participants of our seminars therefore learn to develop their abilities in order to be able to heal and harmonize themselves energetically with the help of a deeper knowledge of energetic and spiritual connections.
Within the framework of our training courses and workshops we impart a profound knowledge in the areas of spirituality and spiritual healing for the health of body, soul and spirit.

Seminars and Workshops

  • Handling of Pendulum and Rod
  • Harmonisation of Living and Working Wpaces
  • Vegan Nutrition and Health
  • Experiencing a Happy and Fulfilling Couple Relationship
  • The Power of Thought
  • The Soothing and Transforming Tower of Music and Sound
  • Transformation, Cleansing and Releasing old Burdens
  • Education and Training in Spirituality and Consciousness Development

Yoga and Meditation

  • Hatha-Yoga for Beginners and Advanced
  • Meditation

Our seminars, workshops, trainings and retreats

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