Courage and Confidence in your own Abilities

You feel healthy and fit, well rested and balanced.
Your family lives happily, harmoniously and respectfully together.
At work you act effectively, efficiently and successfully.
Your employees act harmoniously, creatively and motivated.
Your turnover and your order volume develop positively.
Your customers are satisfied.
You have achieved your goals.


If you answer all statements with YES, you certainly do not need any consulting.

If you have answered NO to even one statement, I see opportunities for personal development and advancement with you.

You are the centre of my consultation – with your own wishes, your own needs and your own goals.

Every person has the ability to be independent, reflective, communicative and rational. The goal of my consulting is to find ways and individual possibilities in a trusting and confidential conversation to overcome current life problems and to support you in meeting and mastering new challenges.


Individual solutions

Impressions and experiences of life shape and form our own self-perception. If this perception deviates too much from the demands and expectations of the “outside world”, it can lead to disturbances in the personality or life circumstances.


Together with you I will work out an individual solution for your topic.

I support this process with my many years of experience in the fields of systemic transactional analysis and depth psychology.

I do not give advice, I rather try to convey a positive self-assessment, courage and confidence in your own abilities.

An active self-help and a positive ego experience are the goal of my consulting.


I offer consulting and coaching for individuals as well as companies.
Please feel free to contact me.

Consulting & Coaching

I offer consulting and coaching for private individuals as well as companies.
Please feel free to contact me.