Hearing and Feeling Sound

Sound Bath – Working with Sounds

When working with a body as an instrument, sound is not only being heard but also felt. The vibration is perceptible throughout the body. Harmonious vibrations fill all cells and tissue structures, skin and bones with subtle matter. The human being himself becomes a part of the sound body.

A sound massage fulfils in a gentle and indirect way the basic human need for sensitive touch. It improves the body perception and strengthens the joy of life.

Sound massages can help with:

  • Muscle tension
  • Tiredness & exhaustion
  • General unrest
  • Inner Tension & Stress
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • During pregnancy


The effects are manifold:

  • Settling of respiration, heart and pulse rate
  • Deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Harmonising, vitalising and stress-reducing
  • Activation of the self-healing powers
  • Strengthening of the inner confidence
  • Release of blockades
  • Regeneration and vitalization of the body
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Improvement of body awareness
  • Strengthening of self-confidence


Healing Sounds with the Body Tambura

The body tambura is a sound instrument which is placed on the body. When the strings are played, continuous vibrations are created which surround the body like a fine sound shell. The harmonious sound has a deeply relaxing effect on the whole body and is at the same time vitalising and gently stimulating.

One session takes about 30 minutes.

Singing Bowl Massage


“The world is sound
Sound is vibration
Vibration is energy
Energy is life
All is love”      Nada Brahma


Healing with sounds is based on an old tradition. Already in the Vedas, the oldest texts of Hinduism, the healing effect of sounds was mentioned. Similar to the waves that are created when a stone is immersed in water, the sound vibrations spread through our body, which consists of 70–80% water and other body fluids.

Every person, every living being has its own individual vibration. If we are tuned in to this frequency, we go “exhilarated” through life.

A singing bowl massage can help to harmonize our energy and restore our very own state of vibration. The sound of the singing bowls is transferred to the body via the bottom of the bowl. The sound is perceived as vibration in the body, it has a massaging effect and penetrates deep into every cell of the body. Physical tensions and blockages can be released, self-healing powers are activated and healing can begin.

During the sound massage different singing bowls are placed on the clothed body.



Meditation is derived from the Latin word meditatio, which means “to align with the center”. Through exercises of mindfulness or concentration, a change in the state of consciousness is aimed for. In Asian cultures this change of consciousness is of central importance. A feeling of becoming one, a reduced perception of external events, the immersion in mind, body or soul are the goal of every meditation.