Healing through Divine Energy

It is sometimes not easy to understand that for some people severe health problems, often lasting for years, can be alleviated or even disappear after just a few treatments through the laying on hands healing (energetic or spiritual healing).

Spiritual healing activates the powers of self-healing, promotes healing in a holistic sense, encourages and supports people in the perception of their own responsibility.

The English word “spirit” in the German language includes many expressions which only together give an impression of what is meant. Words like: animus, spirit, soul, breath of life, mind or verve show how broadly the term can and will be understood. Spiritual healing in the sense of divine healing essentially means healing through divine energy.


Drawing from the Universal Consciousness


Spiritual healing is based on a holistic view of the world and human beings and thus includes physical, psychological, mental and spiritual levels. Spiritual Healing assumes that the world and every single being represent a soulful, complex, natural, energetic system, which is influenced by a universal creative power, a universal consciousness. Spiritual healing is to be understood as a creation from the universal, divine consciousness.


Healer as Mediator and Transmitter of Information


A healer sees the human being in its physical, psychological, mental and cosmic wholeness and complexity. The contemplation of each being in its mutually dependent unity of body-mind-soul is the basis of all spiritual healing methods.
Healers are a kind of mediator and transmitter of energies and information. They are impulse generators, so that the client can enter into a holistic healing process in which he is himself actively involved.
Spiritual healers assume that every being, every human being is connected to this universal, divine healing energy. They help the patient to become aware of it and to implement it for himself.

Legal information on the subject of energy transmission/distance healing
Trance Healing

Trance Healing

Trance healing means that the medium enters into a different state of consciousness to use his own human body. The level of this state is also initiated and controlled by the spiritual world and adapted to each client.